Weidegang Certificate: Cows belong in the pasture

Cows and pastures belong together. This is where the cows can give in to their natural grazing behaviour. Furthermore, pastures dotted with cows is one of the eye-catching characteristics of the Dutch landscape!

Within the world of modern day dairy farming, however, having cows meander the fields from spring to autumn is not a matter of course. The Weidegang Foundation’s aim is to break the pattern by issuing the Weidegang certificate, the proof of real ‘Pasture milk’, among other things.

Pasture milk comes from dairy farms where the cows meander through the pastures from spring to autumn, for at least 120 days per year and for a minimum of 6 hours per day.  The cheese produced by Expert Cheese comes with the Weidegang Certificate.

2022 Expertcheese Weidegang certificate